The Google Effect

Slashdot became famous with it, but Google has its own ways to send huge chunks of traffic to your website in a matter of hours. January 19 was Paul Cézanne‘s birthday which inspired Googles custom logo department to create the marvel below.

Google linked the new logo to a search for the keywords “Paul Cézanne”. This would mean that all Google users worldwide were prompted to search for the French artist. Lucky for us one of our main websites was in first position in the image section for that particular query.

What happened next? Well the results were astounding, in just one day we received:

- 2,5 visitors per second
- 220 116 unique visitors from all over the world
- 30,2% of thos visitors viewing more than one page
- 2 472 clicks on AdSense units, amounting to 4 months of regular advertising revenue

How could you use this to benefit yourself? If you know what Google Doodles will come next and start optimizing on the specific keyword searches which go along with those Doodles, you might just as well have a similar record day.

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